Small Groups

Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples.

Matthew 9:10

At Mission Ridge, we believe that church is way more than attending services on Sundays. In the Scriptures, we see Jesus  spend three years of relational time with His disciples. They journeyed, ate, prayed, and celebrated together away from corporate worship. We seek to emulate what we see Jesus live out with His disciples here in Missoula.

We have a number of relational discipleship groups that meet throughout the community each  week. We would love to connect with you and start journeying through life and spiritual growth together.

Life Transforming Groups

Life Transforming Groups are relational discipleship groups meeting throughout Missoula that come together weekly for 1 hour Bible studies to discuss scripture reading, build mutual accountability, and pray for others. Select the button below to get started. These groups are a great way to study your Bible and build deep connections.

Care Groups

Care Groups meet in homes throughout Missoula. They area safe places for you to build community, talk about life, and learn about Jesus.
Discussion questions are designed each week for anyone to be able to jump into the conversation, and learn the Bible, regardless of your church experience.

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"I met so many amazing people who made me feel welcome and invited me to events and a weekly college group."

"Great people, wonderful church. Love these guys and the message they're bringing to the Missoula area!"

"Rob and Logan are wonderful. I appreciate their honesty and relational approach to life and ministry."