I don’t believe in God. Am I still welcome?

Absolutely. And we hope you’re open to spiritual conversations and exploring the idea that maybe this Jesus is who we said.

What should I wear when I come to a service?

Please wear clothes. Seriously though, we want you to be comfortable, so wear whatever clothes you prefer to wear.

What style of music should I expect?

We like to use modern musical styles, but also utilize hymns steeped in rich tradition.

Will there be communion?

Yes! We observe communion every week when we gather. We have an open table, so if you are a Jesus follower, then please join us in communion.

What about my kids?

Jesus loved kids – he even scolded his followers when they tried to exclude them. We love kids, too, and offer age-appropriate, safe & fun environments for birth through 3rd-graders.

Students are welcome in our worship gatherings, and we design our services not to bore them. We also encourage them to learn new skills and grow in leadership by serving alongside the adults on our serving teams. They can make a huge difference in the community now!

What denomination are you?

We’re an independent congregation, but we like partnering with other churches and nonprofits to serve our community.