This is Anitra

She grew up in Missoula, MT and had a rough go at life since she was little. Starting just shortly before her first birthday, she was diagnosed with cancer. With her being so small, it was too dangerous to operate. It took several years before finding a surgeon willing to Read more…


Footnotes — James 4

In this episode of Footnotes Paule, Logan, and Mollie discuss some of the things in chapter 4 of James that didn’t get into the sermon on Sunday (and get horribly derailed at one point talking about an old worship song).


Sermon — James 3

11.11.2018 Paule Patterson leads us through the third chapter of James, and what we can learn about controling our speech from it, as we continue our series on the book.


Footnotes — James 2

In our second episode of Footnotes Paule, Logan, and Rob cover lots of good stuff, and some random ramblings, about the second chapter of James that didn’t fit into the sermon on Sunday! This week we talk a some more about Chiasms, historical context, the fight between James and Paul, Read more…


Sermon — Generous People

10.21.2018 Paule concludes our Generosity series by looking at the story of Ruth and Boaz. In this story we see what it looks like when individuals and families make room for generosity and the ripple effect generosity creates.