Sermon — Acts: Week Nine

Nearing the end of our series through the Book of Acts; Logan Daily takes a look at making disciples through the lens of Paul’s three missionary journeys, and then interviews Rob Croyle and Mollie Patterson about their experiences with discipleship to give a broader perspective to the conversation.


Footnotes — Acts: Week Eight

This week on Footnotes: Logan and Rob discuss some extra info and theories to supplement the sermon about the Jerusalem Council sermon. Topics and ramblings include: “Father Abraham”, Name changes, the covenent established with Noah, ethics, and the new covenant that Jesus established.


Footnotes — Acts: Week Five

This week on Footnotes: Rob, Logan, and Mollie discuss some of the content from Acts that Rob couldn’t cover in the sermon on Sunday. Topics include, but are not limited to: Ananias and Sapphira, connections with the Beattitudes, Godzilla, and Redwall. (Logan really gets off on some random tangents)